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  • Throwback Thursday -- Show Hope & Family Fest

    Hey guys! I'm so excited to be introducing a new series today, Live It Everyday's very own Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we're going to have a post here that is in some way a throwback for our company! We love the idea of looking back and meditating and just generally laughing at ourselves and how we used to think that we could print our own shirts in our garage. Ya live and ya learn.

    Today, I'm so excited (I know, lots of excitement) to also introduce you to our brand spanking new YouTube channel! We were thrilled to be able to shoot this video at Show Hope's Family Fest this summer and we're more than ecstatic to share that video and some sweet photos with you today!


    What, John? You want me to what? What, John? You want me to what?



    Our new friend Scott, the Executive Director for Show Hope



    I just did that! You guys, I just interviewed them and didn't die!



    The music was obviously great. Though we didn't get to meet Steven, it was such an experience getting to see him perform and interact with the crowd! And yes, that man on the far right does have his head painted. These people are cool.


    The Red Bus Project is an awesome part of what Show Hope does. It's a rolling consignment store and travels to different events, but mainly college campuses. They've visited my University in Murray, Kentucky! It was so exciting. LiveIE-ShowHope-74

    You know, drumsticks.



    Listen, this umbrella was being difficult.



    Watching myself on this video is KIND OF terrifying. It was my first time doing anything like it and there was DEFINITELY a huge learning curve. The good news is, is that we had an incredible videographer, John, who really walked me through how to not blink a zillion didn't work out as well as we'd hoped (whoops!)! Hope you guys love it!

    Don't forget -- 11% of your purchase when you buy our faithful or peacemakers apparel goes to Show Hope, an organization dedicated to caring for orphans. Click here to visit Show Hope's website and check out some shirts here and here!

    Happy #throwbackthursday!

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  • Mary Beth Chapman's Choosing to SEE

    When I'm not elbow deep in Live It Everyday shenanigans, I'm going to school full time pursuing my Master of Arts in English degree. The point of that is that I love a lot of things, but I love to read. When we made a connection with Show Hope's publicist, Stacie Vining, we got to talking and she was telling us about Mary Beth's book, Choosing to SEE, that details the tragic loss of the Chapman's daughter, Maria Sue. When she shipped it to us, it took me exactly one evening and a half of a day to finish it. It's amazing.

    I'm an emotional person. It's relatively new for me, I admit. For a while, I prided myself on being the girl who never cried. But then, something just broke inside of me and I'm pretty much a blubbering mess at all times. Which I'm okay with. This book is heart wrenching. I mean, broke my heart. Stitched it back together, laughed a while, and shattered it again. But, it also instilled in me a distinct and very alive sense of hope. One minute, I was giggling at Mary Beth's jokes, remembering my sweet time meeting her, and the next I was sobbing at her and the Chapman's anguish. The thing I loved about the book most is what it's underlying message truly is -- to see. To see beauty, to see hope, to see what God is doing in our lives. It was amazing to be a part of, and I was just reading!

    Mary Beth Chapman Choosing to SEE

    Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book. Here's the link for you to buy it! You don't want to miss Choosing to SEE! Promise.

    " will help to shatter the illusion that Christians are supposed to be perfect."

    "And in spite of being slightly crazy, David knew that the Lord God Himself knew him before he was born."

    "I also knew quite clearly that I couldn't rest my hope or security in how I looked or how productive I was, or anything else that had to do with my hardworking, churning, and anxious personality. If my outlook was dependent on me and how together I was, I would have no peace."

    "I can choose to SEE his story, or I could miss it."


    A truly amazing woman, Mary Beth Chapman. If you want to invest in a great organization and cause, visit Show Hope, or check out our World Peace and Christian lines.

    Don't forget, we still have surprises and updates for our event with Show Hope a few weeks ago. You guys are going to love it!

    Choose to see, you guys.


    PS - this is how I feel when I meet Mary Beth Chapman

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  • A Weekend Recap -- Show Hope's Family Fest

    Happy Monday! It seems like we hardly got a break this weekend! We had a ton going on, but all of it was so exciting! On Saturday, Adriane (Owner & CFO) and I got to travel to Nashville, TN to visit Show Hope, a charity that we work with! It was such a great event and we loved every second of it! Especially the ice cream when we were so hot, we thought we'd melt.

    Here are some sneak peak photos from the event; we'll have more up this week and a couple of other surprises from the day. Hope you guys have a great Monday! SHFF 1 We loved getting to meet Mary Beth Chapman, President and Co-Founder of Show Hope! Also Steven Curtis Chapman's wife. She's literally the coolest person.

    SHFF 2Don't mind us; we're just trying to find any way possible to cool off.

    SHFF 3 This is a hint for our surprise later this week... (Do I look cross eyed in this picture? Maybe...)SHFF 5What good is a family fest without a proper photo booth? I was laughing so hard, I could hardly smile!

    What were you guys up to this weekend? Leave us a comment!

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  • Family Events Are The Best Events

    You guys! So much exciting news!

    We've talked a little before about the charities that we work with. By now, you probably know that 11% of each sale goes to a charity that is in the same category of the design that was purchased. Homes For Our Troops was featured earlier this week (here and here) as we enter into the season of celebrating our great nation on the Fourth.

    Today, though, I have some exciting news. News that makes me want to jump up and down. Seriously, people. Get. Excited.

    Every year, Show Hope, an organization that benefits from our world peace designs (you can click at the bottom of the post!) host a Family Fest in honor of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman's (the president and vice president of the organization) daughter, Maria Sue, who passed a way a six years ago. And guess what? We're going! We're going and we encourage you all to head out to the day of fun planned in Nashville, Tennessee! Click here for all of the details and plans for fun!

    Here are the designs that support Show Hope!


    men // womenDSC_4283-KyserEdit
    men // women IMG_1435
    men // women

    Tweet us and let us know if you're there! We'd love to hear from you!

    Patiently awaiting Saturday, Haley

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  • Why We Love May: Military Appreciation Month

    One of the things that I love about Everyday Conversations is just that, the conversations it inspires. The whole purpose for the team and contributors writing everyday is not only for you to get to know us, but for us to get to know you!

    With that said, my favorite part of May is easily the fact that it's military appreciation month. I mean, other than the fact that the April showers are gone and the May flowers are here. That's pretty hard to pass up. But, the military holds a special place in my heart. A lot of my family has been active in some branch or another, defending our country. I've prayed for homecomings and safety more times than I can count. So, a month dedicated to those who serve seems like a pretty good month to me, yes? Yes.

    I wanted to take advantage (the good kind, not the bad kind) of this month, though, and let you know of the organization that we work with to support our Patriots. For those of you who don't know, we are committed to giving at Live It Everyday. We believe that it is vital to give as we go and make a contribution above ourselves. Because of that, we give 11% of the money from each shirt to a charity or organization in that design's category. For our patriotic apparel, we give 11% of the income from that shirt before taxes to Homes For Our Troops, an organization committed "to build[ing] adapted homes for severely injured Veterans across the nation to enable them to rebuild their lives." Supported by people like Wynona Judd and Jacob Tamme, HFOT has an A rating on Charity Navigator, the site through which Live It Everyday finds the charities. If you're looking to support Homes For Our Troops, click here, or go on ahead and pick up a Patriotic tee for the Fourth (men, women). Your friends, well, they'll be almost as jealous as when you blow them out of the water with that fantastic firework display you've gone across the border for. Yay Fourth of July!

    HFOT Logo

    Stay tuned: next month, we've got some SUPER EXCITING things planned with HFOT. Keep watching Everyday Conversations, and as always, keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates! We love to hear from you!

    See ya, Haley

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