• Refining Moments -- A Missionary's First Day in Uganda

    Well, *slump and sigh*


    I am here. Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Initially, visitors only remark on characteristics like the afternoon heat, the exhausted smells, trash abstractly painted across every way, terrible dusty orange dirt roads, and the bustle of the BodaBoda (motorcycle taxi) drivers who WILL run you over.


    Mmm, but not me. Uganda is more. I stare at Uganda like an artwork the way the dusty orange roads contrast against the green banana trees growing along the side of the road brushed with the background of the bright blue sky. I love the brilliant colors. The roof on every house is a different shade of red and the people with their ebony skin just makes their ivory smile stand out and shine a little brighter.

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    There are many refining moments to this trip. I am here for a year in order to launch a new program called Childero. The program financially sponsors children for the educational, nutritional, and medical needs but my heart is in the mentoring part. You see, five days a week I get to hang out with orphaned children and encourage them. That's it, the foundation really. Just encouraging, mentoring, and building up.


    But these are refining moments, and today was simply day one. Day one didn't include any of the description above because day one is simply falling into a brand new culture. I am a goal oriented person, I like to see things accomplished quickly and programs are just the opposite.


    When you volunteer you see the finished product, errhh ... DEVELOPING product since I believe everything is always developing. Well with me, you get to see it from ground up, and let me tell you the ground is cold, hard, and infertile. But we will get a garden one day.


    But for day one, here are my highs and lows.


    High: I bought a local phone and got the Toyota RAV4 that I will use for the program. If a RAV4 doesn't scream humanitarian in Africa not sure what does... The headlights are safari certified.


    Low: Phone tech not my strong point. I struggled with the device and SIM cards for long enough and have to visit the store again tomorrow.


    High: I bargained and got the phone for $20 cheaper.


    Low: I miss people from home. I miss my room that I call my sanctuary.


    High: I saw a GIANT bird in the city and got so excited. It was a massive colorful flying bird and I freaked out calling it a dinosaur... NO ONE better comment with their obviously googled name of the bird because Dinosaur makes it all that more mystical and wonderful. It looked like it could eat an eagle for tea time AND someone confirmed that it is a carnivore. Bon appetite, birdy.


    Low: I am sleeping under a mosquito net and am scared my knots won't hold and it will drop on me in my sleep lol. Woosh, splat!


    Last High: I get to visit the NILE River this weekend.


    Living it everyday has highs and lows, and lows are just fine as long as you bask in the highs. So, bask in the highs with me and let the lows refine us.


    Until next time with my quirky details. Cara Hope Starns.


    Epilogue: I am sitting all alone in the common room at 12:40 am when a rampant beast started attacking the door!! #OnlyInAfrica. It is scratching madly trying to get in... The door is rattling. Well, I am still as a stone praying it walks away in failure. If you don't hear from me again you'll kno....


    Like she said, Cara is in Uganda for a year developing and jump starting an organization called Childero. You can donate to this wonderful organization here and keep up with her personal blog here, for more information. As always, the Live It Everyday team is thankful for our contributors and those in our community who truly Live their lives Everyday. We love you, Cara! 

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