An Everyday Trip: Costa Rica Mission Work

There are some people who I just love to be around. They're an encouragement. An inspiration. Rarely are these people my age. I find inspiration and encouragement and knowledge from those who are older than me, who have done more than me. That is not the case with Cara.

Cara and I have been friends for years. We met in the seventh grade at church when she and her twin sister were placed in our small group. We became fast friends -- there were times and still are that we look at each other, laugh and say, "we're the same person." I wish that were true.

Cara 1 We were never up to any good.

You've read a lot of Cara's posts already. She's shared some pretty amazing memories and stories with you and, believe me, there are many, many more to come. When we were younger, we used to try and figure out who was going to end up where. Would I be a novelist like I'd hoped? Would Johnny be a pro basketball player? When we played those games, there was never any doubt that Cara would work in the mission field. From day one, she was a fighter. A rebel. Someone who challenged status quo. Brave. Courageous. We fell apart naturally as we both went to college, but recently got to meet up, which began her contribution for Everyday Conversations. I've never been so happy as to hear that she was continuing her passion -- she had colorful and inspirational stories of her times spent in Costa Rica, her love of the children she met in Gabon in Africa. One instant, she is a college grad, spending time working at a local restaurant and frozen yogurt shop. Another, she's explaining the ramifications of sex trafficking all over the world. It's inspiring, a little scary, and really hard to keep up with.

And always willing to have a blast. And always willing to have a blast.

Today, Cara leaves for Costa Rica on what seems like her 2709th trip. She fell in love with it when we were in high school. What I can't possibly wrap my head around, though, is how Cara described this trip to me. She leaves soon for Uganda, where she will be working at an orphan care center. She'll actually be the director (which, we like to remind her of when she scowls and crying babies in public..."my kids won't cry." We'll see how long that lasts.) and work with children who have been affected greatly by Joseph Kony. She's headed directly in the line of fire -- and no one would expect anything less. When she told me about Costa Rica, though, she said "I wouldn't have planned a trip to CR so close to my trip to Uganda, but I'm happy I have. It'll be so relaxing." Relaxing. That word is used for beaches. What will Cara be doing? Manual labor. Ministering to children. Building churches. Construction work. "Normal stuff," she says.

So, on her way to Costa Rica today, let's make Cara feel the Live It Everyday love. We're sending prayers, thoughts, and good vibes your way, Cara. We're thankful for people like you!

Headshot (4-24-14)

Until next time, Haley & the Live It Everyday Team

PS - check out Cara's personal blog, Ankle Deep, where she posts regular updates about her traveling experiences and walk with the Big Man. You'll love it.

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