Everything Memorial Day Is (And Everything It Isn't)

Memorial Day.

It's not a post on Facebook, a tweet, or a text. It's not a barbecue. It's not hamburgers on the grill, or picnics.

Memorial Day is a day that honors those who have fought. Fought for our freedoms, fought for our country, our values, our lives. They are those who work so that we can. They are wounded. They are heroes. Heroes, that sometimes perish because of their faithfulness to our country and its people -- you and me.

Today, we honor those who have fallen, defending the right to cookout, to post thankfulness on Facebook, and to have, for some, a day off of work.

Half Staff

As the tradition holds, we lower our flags half staff in honor of the brave men and women who have fallen protecting us. At noon, we will raise them, but we will never forget their sacrifice.

Half Staff 2 For those of you who serve our country, thank you.

The Live It Everyday team 

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