Family Events Are The Best Events

You guys! So much exciting news!

We've talked a little before about the charities that we work with. By now, you probably know that 11% of each sale goes to a charity that is in the same category of the design that was purchased. Homes For Our Troops was featured earlier this week (here and here) as we enter into the season of celebrating our great nation on the Fourth.

Today, though, I have some exciting news. News that makes me want to jump up and down. Seriously, people. Get. Excited.

Every year, Show Hope, an organization that benefits from our world peace designs (you can click at the bottom of the post!) host a Family Fest in honor of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman's (the president and vice president of the organization) daughter, Maria Sue, who passed a way a six years ago. And guess what? We're going! We're going and we encourage you all to head out to the day of fun planned in Nashville, Tennessee! Click here for all of the details and plans for fun!

Here are the designs that support Show Hope!


men // womenDSC_4283-KyserEdit
men // women IMG_1435
men // women

Tweet us and let us know if you're there! We'd love to hear from you!

Patiently awaiting Saturday, Haley

Charity // Show Hope, Event // click here, Photos // David Wallace
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