Imagine & Other Great Songs

Lennon never tells you what to do other than Imagine -- which is great in itself -- but change needs action.  So how did he Imagine it? What made him think this was possible?  His lyrics certainly give several insights as well as an actual “how to” guide but no instruction other than Imagine.

For me, it is hard to imagine “all the people living life in peace.” When I do, I see people running around in peace t shirts and singing Kumbaya.  Maybe it’s my age, or that I’m skeptical by nature but I really think Lennon did Imagine it. I like John (and the Beatles) but wasn’t a huge fan; I’m more of a Stones, Southern Rocker (Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and CDB) fan, but Imagine, like a lot of great works, makes you think. So, I’ve thought about it but not in terms of right or left or right or wrong. But what would it take to make Lennon’s dream come true?

If you ask the Christians they’ll tell you God is the answer and Buddhist will tell you enlightenment; all religions and philosophies have their own ideology but we don’t share the same belief.  So what’s the answer? I think most everyone wants to live in peace, harmony, and complete freedom.  Worst-case scenario: let’s apply the 80/20 rule: 80% of all people want to live in peace and 20% are jacked up.  So we can establish that most all people want to live in peace, the question is how?

Let’s go back to the hits and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, 1967’s RESPECT: we’ve all heard it, but what if we ALL lived it? Could you Imagine what the world would look like if everyone respected each other?

Now, respect doesn’t mean we can’t disagree or we have to cower to a viewpoint different from our own. This type of thinking, this Political Correctness bull (PCBS), stunts healthy debate, free speech and new ideas.

With respect, maybe we can do more than Imagine Lennon’s world.  By the way, it’s also great if you want to wear really cool peace t shirts and sing Kumbaya.

And this weeks playlist.

  1. Imagine -- John Lennon
  2. Respect -- Aretha Franklin
  3. Walk -- Pantera
  4. Respect Yourself -- Joe Cocker
  5. What A Wonderful World -- Louis Armstrong
  6. I Can -- Nas
  7. Mayday -- Lecrae Mayday ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Ashthon Jones
  8. Right Now -- Van Halen
  9. Hero’s -- David Bowie
  10. Dream On -- Aerosmith

TGIF, Mike

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