Late But Not Forgotten

As Father’s day comes on Sunday the 15th, I searched for cool quotes that would describe fatherhood or my dad. The more I searched the more I really thought about my dad and how he raised me and less and less about quotes.

But, after about a week of thoughts and coming up with my post for this week, I found a couple of quotes that help me describe my dad.

My dad was not a scholar but he was a great teacher and I learned many life lessons from him. Not only did he teach me many life lessons but how to think things through and work on my own car. Can’t do that now, but it sure was handy when I bought my first car.

He wasn’t perfect (none of us are) but he had three characteristics that made him a great man.

He was a good Christian man, worked in the church, he would help anyone in need, truly a good guy. Me? I was a hell raiser that could resist anything but temptation. So, to be clear, we were on opposite sides of the line for a long time but we did not oppose each other and had a great relationship.

This was mainly because of him and a special ability that I’ve rarely seen nor do I posses. My dad never condoned my actions but never condemned me either, even though many actions went against his very beliefs a lot of the time. This made him special and that friends and neighbors is much easier said than done. My friends who were just as wild as I was always felt welcome in our home and he never made us feel uncomfortable. He didn’t let us off the hook and he had a way of letting us know that we were on the wrong path without condemnation. When he passed away, this was something that my close friends all said they greatly respected about him.

He treated everyone the same, whether you were regular Joe/Jane, rich man, or a beggar. He treated you the same, just as if was packing food for you at the local food bank or if you owned the bank. No difference. I won’t lie: this is another one I miss by a wide mark.

One night, I was heading into one of my favorite haunts when I heard "hey," I turned and saw this big raw boned guy dressed in a patriotic t-shirt coming toward me. Being from the coalfields, I new without him saying, he was a coal miner. My mind raced and I thought this could be ugly for me, all the while trying to think about what I did to piss this guy off. "You Curt’s boy?" he asked. Yeah, I answered. "He know you’re out here?" "He probably has a good idea." Then out of no where he said, “Your dad is one if the most honest men I’ve ever known and I just wanted you to know that."

To sum it up

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. -- Clarence Budington Kelland

This weeks play list for all dads, cheers.

Landslide -- Stevie Nicks

My Father's Eyes -- Eric Clapton

Glory -- Jay Z

Papa Was A Rolling Stone -- The Temptations

The Living Years -- Mike and the Mechanics

Father to Son -- Phil Collins

Unforgettable -- Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

That's My Job -- Conway Twitty

He Didn't Have To Be -- Brad Paisley

This one is for my girls:

Father and Daughter -- Paul Simon

TGIF & Happy Father's Day, Mike

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