What I Love to Read: Runner's World

I love magazines. First off, let me say that I love to read in general. A newspaper, poems, magazine articles, tweets­ -- I love it all.

So when I heard that my favorite running magazine, Runner’s World was getting a makeover (for the first time SIX years) I was pretty pumped.

This magazine is the holy grail of running reading material. It covers everything from how to improve your race times, how to stretch, healthy and unique recipes for granola bars to history of the beer mile.

It has it all.

So now after months of speculating about the new redesign the October issue showed a new look to my favorite magazine.


Editor in Chief David Willey said, “We decided it was time to change because everything around us in running and in media is changing. There are more people running and racing than ever before, for reasons and with points of view that are more varied than ever before. The running community is larger and more fragmented, but, thanks to social media, also smaller-seeming and more connected. It's a challenge to balance it all, but we think we’ve taken big steps forward.”

For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge newspaper nerd. I love all aspects of magazines and newspaper, so graphic design and layout is something I love to research on Pinterest or in physical copies of magazines.

Also, can I just point out that the cover girl on the front of the October issue is NOT A PROFESSIONAL RUNNER. She is street runner like you and me. She holds no world records, runs in cut-off T-shirts and has a job and a kid. So props to RW for showing someone on the cover who is more like you and me.

RW cover

Here is a quote from the RW Editor in Chief about the magazine:

Most important: Regardless of why or how far or how fast you run, this magazine is for you. It is for all runners—even those who don’t dare apply that label to themselves because they think they’re not…something enough. If history is any guide, there will be no shortage of opinions on how brilliant/idiotic these changes are, and I look forward to hearing them all. We've come a long way but are always striving to do more.

Happy reading! Meghann

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