One Soldier's Loss Of A Friend

So after the diversion last week about my new best friend, I'm going back to Iraq again...kinda feels like an episode of 24 huh?

Well, shortly after the searching of the bunkers I took my leave from Iraq and went back to Alaska to spend two weeks with my wife Angie and our two kids Jordan and Logan. Probably the shortest two weeks ever.

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I returned to Iraq to find I had been transferred into our Battery Operations Center (BOC). This to me was a real kick in the face as I missed my Soldiers immensely and I had to sit by and watch them leave, come in, and talk on the radio. My satisfaction, though, was knowing they knew the right things to do, because I had shown them. I still had the opportunity to get out every now and then, as I was the Raven UAV pilot for the Battalion and helped with a couple other things.

Shortly after I took the position, I had to say goodbye to a man that had became a real friend to me that was over there training Iraqi Policeman. Bob died in a helicopter crash one foggy Saturday morning.

It was the first loss that really hit me hard but, there would be more.

Time to make the donuts. Brian

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