• Weekend Playlist - 01

    Can I get a giant hallelujah to it being the weekend?! We're so excited to soak up the last little bit of this glorious summer until school starts back and life gets real again.

    Today, I want to introduce you to Molly, who you might know from a previous Wednesday Wears post. She's going to start out weekend playlists and will be gathering some songs she's into and loves and sharing with us for the creation of super awesome weekend vibes. Here's her first list! Enjoy! -Haley


    Photograph- Ed Sheeran

    I Woke up in a Car- Something Corporate

    Cheerleader- OMI

    Elastic Heart-SIA

    Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer

    Can’t feel my face- The Weeknd

    Chicago is so Two Years Ago- Fallout Boy

    House Party- Sam Hunt

    Ordinary Day- Vanessa Carlton

    Beautiful Life- Nick Fradiana

  • It’s Evolutionary Not Revolutionary – It’s Life Played Out Loud

    I can’t ever remember a time in my life that I wasn’t listening to music and I credit my parents (Curt and Patsy Russell), a few family members, and friends for that.

    playlist pic

    How many of you recognize these artists? (Or, do any of you even know what all these are?)

    Curt and Patsy always had music playing in the house, mostly the radio, but had some records they played too.  Records…I just dated myself, but hey that’s OK because I had some great records and we’ll talk about those from time to time.  Even though my parents liked music, they had different taste.

    Curt loved Fats Domino, who is still one of my favorites.  Even now, I can close my eyes and find 5 year old Mike siting with Curt and his buddies playing penny poker while he sang along with Fats about “Walking To New Orleans.”  Fats was a family favorite and we’ll talk about more that later too.  Curt also loved Lefty Frizzell’s “Long Black Veil.” He sang it all the time when I was kid and I liked the song and considered it one of my favorites but when I first heard it on the The Pizza Tapes by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and Tony Rice, I was blown away. The song is on several of my playlists.

    Of course my dad Curt liked a lot of others too: The King, Cash, Haggard, and was also a huge gospel music fan.  He loved live music and it was a big part of our family as my uncle Paul and cousins always played at family gatherings.  Paul was “Merle Travis” style picker that could make his Martin talk.

    Like my dad, it seems like every time I walked into Patsy’s kitchen either, Sugar Shack (Jimmy Gilmer and Fireballs) was playing and she was singing right with it.  I’m pretty sure this was a record, because the song’s older than me.  By the way -- the Hammond organ on the song is pretty cool.

    “Down In The Boondocks” by Billy Joe Royal is the other song I remember hearing all the time.  The song was a social statement song, “poor boy, rich girl” kind of thing, but it’s a good song.  The song’s been covered by Kenny Loggins, Ry Cooder, and most recently 2012 by US Girls.

    At the ripe age of 9, I bought my first record. A 45-RPM single, the “A” side was Brown Sugar and the “B” side was Bitch by The Stones.  I still love The Rolling Stones and Brown Sugar; the intro riff on Brown Sugar is one of the best in rock music. I’m a huge fan of great guitar riffs, music, players…you get it.  I loved the Stones so much that I later borrowed (without him knowing or without returning) Sticky Fingers from my uncle Harry.  He wasn’t a Stones kind of guy anyway nor was he a Simon and Garfunkel or Neil Diamond kind of guy either.  It’s all good -- we’re still friends.

    Now let’s talk about my weekly post. Don’t worry, it will most likely never ever be this long again. For me, this was a marathon, but I wanted to give you a little insight to where I’m coming from. Each week I’ll post a playlist for the weekend and if I have a good story or good information, I’ll pass that along too.

    Some things to remember.

    • I’m not an expert, critic, or any type of music professional
    • I don’t know everything about music. Like you, I know what I like and what I don’t like.
    • I hope to remind you of some songs you may have forgotten and for you to remind me of songs that I may have forgotten.
    • I want to introduce you to some songs you’ve never heard and likewise, you can introduce me to new songs.
    • There probably won’t be much Top 40 music on the playlist, but there may be a guilty pleasure every now and then.
    • Tipper Gore would not approve of some songs and content I’ll post

    With that said, here’s this weeks playlist -- it’s sampler platter.

    1. Evil – Howlin’ Wolf
    2. Taxie Dance – John Cougar
    3. Nadine – Chuck Berry
    4. Four Wheel Drive – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    5. Over The Rainbow – Chet Atkins with Les Paul
    6. Pretty Polly – Ralph Stanley
    7. Soul Almighty – Bob Marley
    8. Old Dogs – Children and Watermelon Wine – Tom T. Hall
    9. Statesboro Blues – The Allman Brothers Band
    10. Come Together - Aerosmith

    Music is how we see, feel, and live life and the great thing is, there are so many styles to choose from.  So, what gets you going?

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