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  • The Enslaved: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

    Last week, I was able to travel with two of my very favorite people -- one of which is a contributor for Everyday Conversations -- to Nashville to attend a showing of Rapha House's new documentary Finding Home. It follows the successes and failures of the organization's goals to eliminate and free girls of and from sex trafficking in Cambodia. Though tearful and sometimes upsetting -- these girls were so sweet -- it was a great time. Not only did we leave enlightened, but also inspired. I definitely encourage you to pick up a copy of the film and check out ways that you can get involved. Cara, our Faithful and Peaceful contributor, works with many different sex trafficking organizations and victims in both Africa and Costa Rica. Later this month, she'll share her story and experiences with the horrible crime that is occurring in every corner of our world.

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    The vibe of this place was literally the coolest. It's called Mercy Lounge & Isaac (right) used to go to church here. Buuuut it's a bar. So that's pretty neat.

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    We named him Frederick.

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    We also got to check out some of there super cool merchandise. Cara and I were all about the bags and journals ... two of our favorite things!

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    Though we don't work directly with Rapha House, they're doing some awesome things and we definitely encourage you to check them out. Maybe purchase something from their Freedom Store (you can't go wrong with a handmade satchel or journal). If you are interested in the charities that we work with, you can see them here. We have some fun things coming up with all three and can't wait to share with you guys!

    See ya, Haley

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