A Runner's Inner Monologue

Want to know some of the thoughts runners have during their daily workout? Every day is different, just like every run is different. But usually my thoughts during my runs are about the same. They range anywhere from hating every step of the journey to prancing along while singing Frozen songs in my head.

So here is my inner monologue while out for a run. (Usually.)

Oh wow, I actually matched my shoes with my outfit. Score one for Meghann.

Okay, let’s stretch. Ugh, when did my toes get to far away? I think my arms shrunk.

Maybe I should start doing yoga. I mean, I did pin like 10 new workouts this week on Pinterest.

Okay, let’s do this. 5 miles. Easy-peasy.

Well, 14 steps in and I already sound like I’m dying.

Not dying. Just can’t breathe normal.

How long have I been running for? I probably already have like 2 miles in. 8 MINUTES. WHAT THE….

I am dying over here.

Oh look! A puppy.

Okay, I found my stride, the rest of the run should be easy now.

NOPE. Side stitch. OUCCCCCH.

Breathe in two steps, out two steps.

Don’t swing your arms.

*Plays Rocky theme song in head*

Crap, I have to pee and I still have 3 miles to go.

I totally deserve a pizza after this run. Or some chicken nuggets.

4.5 miles. Almost done. Run faster so it will be over faster.

I am dying. 4.8 is close enough to 5 miles.


It’s over. Thank the Lord.


Let’s do it again tomorrow.


Sound familiar?

Run happy, Meghann

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