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  • Tailgating Local in Lexington

    Live It Everyday has been based out of Lexington, Kentucky since its conception and our family has been here longer. We love the local stores popping up and have loved to experience both new coffee shops and local restaurants and also old favorites. Below, we've listed out a few of our favorite shops around Lexington that helped make our tailgate party rock. Don't worry, you've still got time to grab some of this stuff for your tailgate for the Louisville game tonight! Happy tailgating!

    North Lime Coffee & Donuts

    North Lime is probably the greatest thing to ever happen. Not only is their shop incredibly rad, their donuts are to die for. With regulars like glazed and funnel cake (yes, you read that right), they also have been known to put out some killer combos like Lucky Charms donuts and Nutella Cookie Crunch. Heaven is nigh when you taste these beauties. We were pumped when North Lime whipped us up some blue-iced donuts that were so perfect for our party. Or, you know, just any time.


    A Cup of Common Wealth

    We're (okay, maybe just Haley) are avid coffee drinkers and Lexington is home to some of the best joe maybe ever. If you want to find us on a rainy (or really any) Saturday, we're usually at our favorite coffee joint just off Main, A Cup of Common Wealth. The coffee is the absolute greatest, but the team makes the coffee taste about 70 times better. You never walk in without a friendly greeting and a "how's your day been?" They also sport an awesome pay it forward wall. We love giving and so does ACOC and their shop has the greatest coffee you could ask for, so they were a no-brainer for these cold games!


    Ale 8

    Since I was in sixth grade, I've partaken in the joy that is Ale 8 One, or A Late One. Like angel ginger ale, this is probably the greatest carbonated drink (soda, coke, pop, what have you), to ever grace the Bluegrass. Just go get some.


    There are so many wonderful businesses and restaurants popping up all over Lexington and we're stoked any time we get to meet them. These three especially will make your tailgates flourish and your guests wondering how you became such a genius.

    Locals, what are your favorites?

    Photos // D. Wallz Studios
  • Sneak Peek -- Check Out Our New Line With The University of Kentucky

    It's been a little quiet around here, but make no mistake -- we've been been pouring our time and energy into a new line and we think you're going to LOVE it. If you didn't know, Live It Everyday's headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky. For those of you unaware, newborns here are handed one very important thing as soon as they enter the world: a royal blue, University of Kentucky onesie. We love it here and we love the Cats.

    We bleed blue, so we thought, why not go ahead and combine our two favorite things: UK blue and awesome apparel? And thus, our new line was born. Today, I'm so excited to show you a sneak peek! IMG_0687IMG_0771As always, 11% of your purchase goes toward a deserving cause. This time? Support the University's scholarship fund. It's a win-win!

    This officially licensed, dual branded line drops on Saturday! Mark your calendars! Set your alarms! You won't want to miss this. Be watching on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details coming up! We'll also be sharing a little of what we've learned in our 20 years of tailgating before the Louisville game.

    Comment below with universities you'd like to see added. (Between you and me, we're already in talks with some powerhouse programs...)

    Photos // D. Wallz Studios

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