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  • When To Watch Team USA

    This past year, The World Cup sparked a huge interest in soccer from millions of Americans. We rallied together as a nation, and supported Team USA during their entire campaign. It seems like the same exact thing happened in 2010. I love the American passion that comes out for the tournament -- but it seems like it just goes extinct during the years between each World Cup. There is absolutely no reason as to why America can’t continue to support and love its team, even after the World Cup comes to a conclusion. If you’re desperately wanting to watch the national team take the field again, but don’t want to have to wait until 2018 -- then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

    Next year, Canada will be hosting the Women’s World Cup. Women’s soccer is just as fast paced as men’s soccer, and is definitely just as exciting. USA’s women’s squad is regularly one of the very best teams in the entire world, and will prove to be very strong competitors. This is surely a tournament you won’t want to miss.

    The CONCACAF (this is the name of our region, which consists of nations from North & Central America and the Caribbean) Gold Cup will also take place next year. Teams from all over the region will face off to become the champion of CONCACAF. Expect to see quite a few new faces, as these young, untested players will be trying to solidify their role in the national team.

    2016 should be a very exciting year for U.S. Soccer. There is of course, the Olympic Games in Brazil. The thing I really like about the Olympics is that our entire squad, with the exception of three players, all has to be younger than 24 years of age. This gives all of these young players a chance to show their talents on a global stage.

    In addition to the Olympics, USA will actually be hosting Copa America – which is a South American Soccer tournament that invites a few CONCACAF teams to participate. We’ll get the chance to watch very talented national teams like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia face off….right here in our country! If you have the chance, I urge you to go out and support Team USA during this tournament, it should be an incredible experience!

    In 2017, the Confederations Cup will be held in Russia. This is an 8 team tournament, with at least one team from each region around the world competing. It’s sort of like a “pre-game” to the World Cup the following year, if that makes sense. If USA wins the Gold Cup in 2015, we will compete in the Confederations Cup.

    Finally, before we know it, 2018 will roll around and The World Cup will be upon us! I am very excited to see what this tournament holds for our country. Don’t just watch soccer every four years. There is a major tournament every single year between the World Cups, so get out there, have some fun, and support Team USA every day of the week!


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