How Are You Living It Everyday?

We create an awesome brand. That’s what we Live Everyday. We each have our own strengths and passions that are unique to us. What do you do to Live It Everyday? We’d love to hear! Email us at your unique story and we’ll post it to this page…while you’re here, check out what other people are doing in the Live It Everyday community, hopefully you’ll be as inspired as we are!

“I love this country. For a few years now, I’ve gotten active in government, talked to members of our military, and fallen in love with the U.S. all over again. That’s why I think that Live it Everyday is so awesome. I love that, when I buy your patriotic t shirt, some of the proceeds go to help wounded veterans who have fought valiantly for this, the greatest nation on earth. Thank you, Live it Everyday, for recognizing that business should do what they do for more than profits or the bottom line; you all realize that you can have a huge impact in helping those who need it most. I’ll definitely recommend you to all of my friends! Keep up the amazing work, and God bless!” Kyle G Phillips