Our Story

About Live It Everyday

Live It Everyday is a belief, a belief we live our passions everyday. We’re an apparel company that outfits passionate people who are totally stoked about what they do. There are no weekenders here, only everyday warriors. Here, we’re all about bettering ourselves everyday and expressing ourselves while we do it. Welcome to the movement.

Our Giving Promise

One of Live It Everyday’s core beliefs is to give as we go. That’s why 11% of each purchase you make goes directly to a charity that is connected to the design that you love. To read more about our friends at the organizations, ministries, and charities we help out, hop on over to our contributions page.

Hey! Meet Our Team!

Mike is our Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, also known as the CEO and Founder of Live It Everyday. He’s the mastermind behind the scenes who gave life to the brand. Click here to see his favorite design.

Adriane is our Chief Bean Counter, otherwise known as the CFO and Owner of Live It Everyday. She’s the number-crunching genius who keeps up with all of our finances and the organizations that 11% of your money benefits. Click here to see her favorite design.

Haley is our Creative and Content Manager, otherwise known as the grad student with too many words and emotions. She does whatever Adriane and Mike tell her to (incuding editing and writing for our blog, Everyday Conversations). Click here to see her favorite design.